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Are you looking for a handyman service in Wisconsin? We provide a wide variety of home repair services. You can trust our team to get your home in top notch condition. When you are busy and don’t have time to get to your to-do list, you can be assured our reliable handymen can take care of all of your home maintenance needs.

Our home service professionals are highly skilled and can competently address any interior or exterior home improvement projects. We understand your home as well as all the regulations pertaining to Wisconsin.

Home Repair services

local handyman service
  • Drywall
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Roofing
  • Lighting
  • Fences
  • Decks
  • Sheds
  • Closets
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Concrete
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Gutters
  • Garage
  • Doors
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Install Blinds
  • Tile and
  • Stone
  • Furniture assembly
  • Pressure Washing
  • Epoxy coating



Drywall is an essential part of every home. It lines your walls and ceilings and provides insulation from both temperature and sound. It is an important part of the appearance of your residence. Our experts can install drywall, perform texturing and finish work, repair holes and cracks, patch and paint.

Whether you have moisture damage, cracks from settling, or holes made by the kids, we’ll fix it and get your walls looking good as new. Maybe you even have a doorknob hole or had an animal damage your drywall.

Your handyman or handywoman can install crown molding for you if you wish and we are happy to help with painting and finish work as well.

Once your walls are looking great, we are also available to help hang your favorite paintings and photos, clocks, diplomas, and can mount your framed artwork or patch the nail holes left behind from previous wall hangings.

If your walls have wainscoting, we can paint, repair, or install new wainscoting in any room of your home.

Drywall Repair



We do most plumbing repairs. Plumbing is one of those things most homeowners really dread doing themselves. A plumber handyman can get these problems fixed in a jiffy.

In the kitchen, we replace garbage disposals, unclog your sink or dishwasher drain, change your kitchen faucet, and even install water purifiers and reverse osmosis systems.

In the bathroom, we clean out drains, install bathroom fixtures, sink faucets, bathtub drains, shower heads, and unclog your toilet. We can also do larger jobs like installing a bathroom sink or shower door. Don’t ignore that leaky faucet, let us fix it for you! We can also change out your toilet to a low-flow or high efficiency toilet such as those with dual flushing.

We also tackle outside plumbing jobs such as changing out your water heater or installing a pressure regulator for your property.

handyman plumber



Installing brand new flooring can really enhance the look of your home. We are your complete solution for flooring. What type of flooring service do you need?

Sometimes you just need a small repair. We can fix cracked or broken tiles or laminate, scratched hardwood, or damaged carpet. It’s not uncommon to have damaged wood floors due to water, pets, or even just wear and tear.

Is your grout looking a bit dirty? We can do grout cleaning and restore and refresh your existing tile. If you prefer brand new tile, or even just adding a backsplash, our service is excellent for even small renovation projects.

If you want to completely transform the look of your home, we can install all new flooring including hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, or laminate. We will always provide careful attention to detail and excellent workmanship. We’ll help find you the best materials possible for your budget.

Hardwood floors give a warmth and style to your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, or hallways. We can assist you with removing and disposing of your old flooring and properly preparing for your hardwood floor installation.

Laminate flooring has become a very popular choice in recent years. Our flooring installation specialists can repair or replace your laminate planks or tiles. This material comes in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Vinyl flooring is an incredibly versatile option. It is durable, and easy to work with and comes in a variety of styles and colors including wood planks, tiles, and sheets.

handyman install flooring



We offer an extensive range of painting services from cabinet refinishing to wall paint and exterior painting and touch ups.

It’s very easy to overhaul the look of a room, or even your entire house with a bit of paint. Applying new paint can lighten and brighten a room, and give it a fresh clean and new feel. Our Wisconsin handyman service can paint or touch up your walls. Which room would you like to paint first? Although kitchens and bathrooms are very popular for painting, high traffic areas such as hallways often get dirty and need repainting. Kids often change their minds about their favorite colors and room decor. A coat of new paint can help create that look your kid’s bedroom is waiting for.

Painting the outside of your home helps to protect your wood or siding against weathering and provides insulation. A new color scheme can really add some curb appeal to your house. Sometimes even painting the front door a new color or refinishing the wood on your front door will really give it that extra special look.

handyman for painting

Roof Repair


Your roof is vital to your home, protecting it from pests, water, and wind, and creating insulation. 

 Sometimes you have a small roof leak you need fixed, or missing shingles, or perhaps you need to fix a skylight and make sure it’s water tight around the edges. 

 Our professionals take care of small roof or skylight repairs. We also install or repair whirly birds and roof ventilation.

roof repair



We can help with a variety of lighting needs. A ceiling fan can really help cool your home in summer and circulate the air in winter. We install ceiling fans, and run the wiring that you need or repair your existing fan. We will add dimmers or fix light switches or install them.

Do your kitchen lights need repair? Recessed lighting or canned lighting looks very nice in a kitchen. Another great choice is track lighting. If your home has not yet been updated with LED lighting. Call our handyman electrician to make all the updates and improvements for you.

Homeowners sometimes overlook outdoor lighting. A security light or landscape lighting can enhance the safety of your home. You will always know when people are approaching your house

Do you need something simple such as changing out lightbulbs in a high ceiling or your smoke detector batteries? We can also handle small home improvement tasks.

install lighting



A fence is an important part of your property and house exterior. It protects your privacy and adds security to your home, and adds style and appeal. Installing a fence is a big project. Our experts install wood fencing, vinyl fencing, PVC fencing, chain link fencing, aluminum fencing, and wrought iron fencing.

We also build and install gates. A gate can add a great deal of security to your home and can help enclose your property to keep it safe for your pets and children.

We do fence maintenance and fence repairs. Whether you just need your fence painted, or you have sections with insect, termite or rot, or fallen fences, we get them fixed in a timely fashion.

handyman fence repair



An attractive deck or patio can help maximize any outdoor space. A professional handy man skilled in carpentry has the expertise to build the perfect deck for your home. Deck construction is a snap when you hire one of our teams to get it done for you.

Existing decks need regular maintenance. In general, it’s advisable to stain and seal a deck every three to five years. Doing so will protect the wood and keep it looking beautiful. Sometimes deck repair is necessary to change out rotted deck boards.

Having your deck power washed removes built up dirt and renews its appearance. Power washing your deck is beneficial prior to refinishing.

deck repair handyman



An outdoor shed provides much needed storage. It’s helpful for protecting your equipment and garden tools, but it’s a great place to store and organize anything. The best thing about a shed is that it frees up space in your garage. 

 We can custom build the perfect shed for your home, or assemble a shed you have already purchased for you.

shed assembly



Have you been wanting a closet makeover? Getting organized can sometimes feel like a monumental task. There are many closet improvements that make your storage more efficient. Adding shelves to a closet will help you stay organized and find what you are looking for more easily. Shoe racks, hooks, and adding a hanger bar help to maximize your space.

New closet doors will give your room and closet a fresh look and feel. There are various styles of closet doors available including sliding doors, French doors, barn doors, and pocket doors. Mirrored closet doors are fun too and will often make a room feel bigger.

Call our handy helpers if you need repairs done to your closet or you would like to spruce up your existing closet.

handyman build a closet



An electrical handyman will save you hours in trying to diagnose a problem. Working with electricity can be dangerous, so it’s quite helpful to hire someone with experience. Wiring, plugs, outlet, switches and power supplies can sometimes become faulty. It’s also possible to have random circuit breaker issues.

We are experienced with many types of wiring projects. We install and repair lighting, and install appliances. It’s always a good idea to protect your equipment by installing surge protectors and making sure that they are well grounded.

If you would like to automate your home, we install smart thermostats, doorbell cameras, security cameras, smart light switches, speakers, Google nests, electric locks, electric doorbells and more.

Sometimes hooking up a new TV can be a challenge, particularly if you’d like to have hidden wires or surround sound speakers. Regardless of your electrical needs we’re sure to have a knowledgeable expert ready to get to work on your project.

electrical handyman



Our handymen are quite talented with carpentry work. We’ll build any wood project you need. Built in shelves and cabinets are great for organizing your home and hiding clutter. Whether you’re looking for book shelves, library shelves, or shelves for knick knacks, we build them to your specifications or we assemble shelves you’ve purchased from the store.

Custom cabinets are great in kitchens and bathrooms and make your home unique and beautiful. We build and install all types of cabinetry. Installing kitchen cabinets or repairing kitchen cabinets are important tasks. Cabinets must be able to endure regular everyday use.

Bathrooms have a variety of cabinets including medicine cabinets, vanity, bathroom wall cabinets, and towel cabinets. These shelves and cupboards help keep your bathroom clean and organized. Over time, moisture from showering can cause bathroom cabinets to become damaged or warped, and maintenance becomes necessary.

Our experts can tackle outdoor wood projects such as decks, fences, eaves, and siding and other indoor projects such as hardwood floor repairs or installation. We also install crown molding or repair existing crown molding.

Have you thought of adding a mantel to your fireplace? A mantle adds a lot of beauty to your fireplace and offers a nice area for decorations or photos.

local handyman service



Most residential homes have some type of concrete in and around the property. Our team completes all types of concrete repair and masonry work. We can work with many types of jobs.

Cutting and removing concrete is a huge task. Our pros will remove concrete for you and haul it away. We also assist in the installation of new concrete, bricks, pavers, and other materials.

Maybe all you need is some concrete repair? We also repair concrete driveways, repair concrete slabs, and repair concrete floors. We clean dirty or dull concrete, reinforce existing concrete to make it stronger, and do concrete polishing. We’ll fix cracked concrete or lay a new slab for you. We apply water seal to concrete to leave a clean and beautiful finish and protect your concrete or pavers from water damage.

Sometimes you want to freshen up your existing concrete with stamped concrete, concrete texture, or concrete paint. We can apply color or texture to beautify your driveway or walkway, enhancing your landscape and curb appeal.

Concrete is often the preferred driveway material, however, paver installation is becoming increasingly popular. Concrete pavers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes and can be laid in a variety of patterns to add interest and appeal to your landscaping.

Concrete steps and patios may also require maintenance as they can crack or shift over time. We do concrete steps repair, install new concrete steps, and lay patio slabs and foundations.

concrete handyman



We do a wide variety of large and small bathroom renovation from replacing cracked bathroom tiles to installing a new shower, bathtub, walk in tub, or vanity, or even doing a full bathroom restoration.

Bathtubs can become old and even rust. Whether you’d like to resurface your bathtub to freshen it up, or tear it out and install a new whirlpool tub, our experts can tackle the task.

Steam showers, custom showers and saunas are a great way to relax and unwind. We build saunas, or install a pre-fab sauna or shower insert for you. Walk-in tubs are a great feature for seniors who want to feel more secure.

Glass shower or bathtub enclosures are much more functional than a shower curtain, and are great for keeping water contained and your bathroom looking clean. We install new bath and shower doors or repair cracked or broken doors and handles.

You want to make sure that your bathroom is safe, particularly if you have kids, so making sure your old electrical outlets are up to date in your bathroom is a safety must. GFCI outlets and grounded outlets are an essential modernization for any bathroom.

A new bathroom vanity will really transform any bathroom space and make it feel like brand new. We install bathroom sinks, bathroom vanities, and countertops.

handyman bathroom remodel



Our handymen do basement finishing, basement remodeling, and basement restoration, basement renovation, and basement insulation.

Finishing a basement adds a great deal of functional space to your home. This can act as a nice guest area, or family space. 

 To finish a basement, you’ll need to frame basement walls and ceilings and lay insulation. You’ll need to decide if you would like this space to be warm and inviting, or if you’d just like to have it for utility use. 

 Basement upgrades can be a wonderful addition to your home. The possibilities are really endless, from turning it into an exercise room, wine cellar, home theatre, game room, or even a rental space for extra income.

handyman finish a basement



Our handymen do basement finishing, basement remodeling, and basement restoration, basement renovation, and basement insulation.

Finishing a basement adds a great deal of functional space to your home. This can act as a nice guest area, or family space. 

 To finish a basement, you’ll need to frame basement walls and ceilings and lay insulation. You’ll need to decide if you would like this space to be warm and inviting, or if you’d just like to have it for utility use. 

 Basement upgrades can be a wonderful addition to your home. The possibilities are really endless, from turning it into an exercise room, wine cellar, home theatre, game room, or even a rental space for extra income.

install gutters



There are many things that need repair in a garage. We do garage maintenance including changing garage door springs and installing garage door weather stripping. Weather stripping on your garage aids in insulation from heat and cold. This helps insulate your garage space for outdoor work, and even helps keep the house temperature more even if the garage is attached to the. home.

Garage door openers have a limited life span and need changing from time to time. We can install garage door openers and safety sensors and update and replace your garage door remotes if they get lost or broken.

Our handyman service experts also build and assemble garage shelving, garage overhead storage, bike hooks or hangers, garage cabinets, and other storage solutions.

garage repair



Doors are critical to a home. We service and install interior and exterior doors. A new front door or patio door offers insulation, and improves the appearance of your home.

We offer complete door repair, including weatherproof sealing, weather stripping, door casing, molding installation, and base and shoe installation. Sticking doors, squeaking doors, and broken door locks can be quite annoying. We also repair screen doors and sliding doors including roller issues.

We work with interior doors, closet doors, exterior doors, sliding glass doors, screen doors, storm doors, French doors, pocket doors, and barn doors.

door repair



Windows add insulation to your home, helping to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Leaking or drafty windows make it difficult to keep the temperature comfortable.

New windows add a lot of appeal to your property. We install brand new windows. We also repair existing windows. We fix broken window panes and fogged windows due to air gap leaks in dual paned windows. We also fix torn screens and broken screens.

handyman window repair



Do you need to install new window blinds or window treatments? 

 We hang blinds, hang curtains, and hang drapes, and install window shutters. We’ll get your window treatments level and perfect every time.



install blinds

Tile and Stone


We install tile and stone. Whether you are looking for tile or stone for your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, or floors, our experts have you covered. We do tile repair and stone repair as well as new installation and removal of old tile and other materials.

We also install outdoor tile and stone, whether you’d like to create a new beautiful stone face on your home’s exterior or a walkway, patio, our professionals can complete your project just the way you’d like. We also do minor repairs to stone, tile, and even stucco

tile repair

Furniture Assembly


We do a wide range of furniture assembly. Store bought furniture often arrives in pieces and can be difficult and heavy to manage and put together. We assemble store bought desks, such as IKEA desks and other brands and help move your desk into the perfect location.

We also install and assemble shelving, book cases, coffee tables, entertainment centers, media shelves, media centers, kids beds and kids bedroom sets, dressers, chest of drawers and more!

Furniture Assembly

Pressure Washing


Pressure washing or power washing is fantastic for removing built up dirt. 

 We pressure wash siding, side walks, and driveways. We also power wash decks and patios and even fencing.

pressure washing

Epoxy Coating


Epoxy coating makes the garage nice, clean and beautiful. Depending on the surface you choose it can also help reduce slipping and make the garage floor safer. If you plan to utilize your garage as a multi-use area such as for doing laundry or as a play area for the kids, or even as a workshop, and epoxy coating can add a great deal of functionality.

Whatever the project you need done, our handyman service has the right team for you. We are friendly, clean, and dependable, and will get the job done to your satisfaction every time. Call us today for a home repair, maintenance, or assembly quote!

epoxy floor

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